Aggressive Debt Collection


Is Your Business Owed Money? Our firm will not hesitate to use every legal tool at our disposal to recover the money you’re owed. We know all the tools we have available, and we aren’t afraid to use them.  

Delays Can Hurt Your Case. We will act swiftly to recover your debt. Don’t wait. Call today for your free consultation. 


Do you need a Collection Attorney?

Collection Agencies can write letters and report derogatory credit marks, but that’s about the extent of their authority. They are NOT able to take any legal action.

If debtors are ignoring you or refusing to pay, you MUST take legal action to recover the debt. 

What About My Business Attorney? Creditors' Rights is an extremely narrow niche of the law most attorneys are not well equipped to handle. It takes an aggressive, discerning and often outside-the-box approach to be successful with debt collection. 

Our firm specializes in all areas of Creditors' Rights: judgment enforcement, commercial collections and bankruptcy as it relates to debt collection. We’ve been at it for nearly a decade, and we are proud to have a high debt recovery rate. 


Our Process

Getting Started with Ramsaur Law is Easy:

Step 1: Clear Conflicts

We’ll look into all parties involved to ensure we have the ability to represent you without any conflicts of interest. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Step 2: Fee Arrangement

We’ll discuss which fee arrangement makes the most sense for your situation: hourly, contingency, or a hybrid. In the end, it’s totally up to you.

Step 3: Get After It

We’ll get started, exhausting all necessary legal channels to secure a judgment and collect your debt; or, if you already have a judgment, to collect right away.

Call for a Free Consultation & Get Started on Your Debt Collection Today.